Even before the widespread use in clinical practice of x-ray examination, polyps in the stomach were classified as so-called casuistic diseases. And it became possible to study polyps of viagra tract after the introduction of biopsy, fibroendoscopic diagnostic method and subsequent histology.

In addition, endoscopic polypectomy has become very valuable for doctors. As for the symptoms, small polyps and very young ones do not manifest themselves clinically. A person may have signs of viagra, and against this background, those same polyps will develop.

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It is not uncommon for large-sized formations to be complicated by bleeding, and blood appears in the stool or vomiting with bloody secretions. Also, large sizes often cause problematic patency of food. If pedunculated polyps are found, they may extend into the duodenal region and become pinched. In this case, the patient will have acute cramping pains localized under the sternum and passing into the abdomen.

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Diagnosis and possible complications of the polyp of the stomach. It is possible that stomach polyps will become just an accidental finding, which the doctor will find during the next examination of the gastrointestinal tract. It is possible that a person will be assigned a study for another reason. An experienced doctor during a conversation with a patient asks questions regarding the symptoms of the disease and the duration of their appearance. These may be questions about the presence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the results of previous studies or the treatment of other ailments. In addition to the survey, of course, the doctor will palpate the abdomen and visual examination.

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